Plug Gage Purchasing Information

If you send us a part print, we can quote all of the plug gages for your part. Just make sure to specify the style of gage you prefer and your certification requirements.

Manufacturing time:


  • 2-3 business days if the blanks are in stock. Blanks are usually in stock for sizes below .625" (15.875mm)
  • 2-3 weeks if the blanks are not in stock

Taperlocks and Trilocks:

  • 2-3 business days if the blanks are in stock
  • 2-3 weeks if the blanks are not in stock

The following blank sizes are usually in stock:

  • Reversible - .030" (.762mm) to .600" (15.24mm)
  • Taperlock - .105" (2.67mm) to 1.510" (38.85mm)
  • Trilock - .760" (19.30mm) to 4.000" (101.60mm)

For larger the sizes, the blanks may or may not be in stock. Please contact us with your requirements.

Business days are Monday through Friday, not including holidays.


  • Shipment will be from Kentucky. UPS Ground shipping time will be an additional 1 to 5 days to continental US locations, depending upon your location.
  • When ISO 17025 certifications are ordered, the gages will be shipped from the manufacturer to Wisconsin for certification. Then, the gages will be shipped to you from Wisconsin. UPS Ground shipping time from Wisconsin will be an additional 1 to 4 days to continental US locations, depending upon your location.


  • We will ship by UPS ground unless other shipping is requested


  • Marking of the GO and NO GO sizes and class is included on every plug gage handle.
  • There is no extra charge for tool number or part number marking.

Common options:

  • MIN/MAX depth steps on the GO member - add $32.00 per pair (within the standard GO member length). These may add 1-2 days to the delivery time.
  • Diamond shaped NO GO member to check for an out-of-round condition - add $32.00. This will add to the delivery time, but the amount is dependent upon the diameter.
  • Chrome plated or solid carbide plug gages are available. Contact us for a quote.

Optional certifications:

  • For long form certification (non-ISO 17025), add $10.00/member ($20.00 per GO/NO GO gage). This certification does not affect the manufacturing time.
  • For ISO 17025 certification, add $12.00/member ($24.00 per GO/NO GO gage) plus an additional $8.00 for the total order. There is a minimum charge of $45.00/order for this certification. This certification adds approximately 5-7 additional business days to the manufacturing time.

When ordering, specify the following for each plug gage:

  • GO and NO GO diameter
  • Class (XX, X, Y, or Z)
  • Style - reversible, taperlock, or trilock
  • Specify MIN/MAX depth notches or diamond shapes if you require them
  • Any additional marking
  • Any optional certification (make sure to specify if the certification needs to be to ISO 17025 specifications or not)

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